NOW Smart Valve Kit

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Now Smart Valve Kit

The IRSAP NOW kit with intelligent thermostatic valves is ideal for starting to obtain home comfort with intelligent heating. With IRSAP NOW intelligent thermovalves, you control the temperature wherever and whenever you want via smartphone. Our smart thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands and major plumbing valve manufacturers. The Connection Unit must be connected to the home router and is essential for controlling smart valves where and when you want directly from your smartphone.

*Smart Valve Kit includes 2 Standard White Smart Valves and a Connection Unit. To use them, download the app for free.

Including in the package

  • 1 Connection Unit & Repeater
  • 2 Smart Valves
  • 1 Ethernet cable
  • 1 USB cable
  • 2 Power plug (EU, UK)
  • 4 AA battery
  • 12 adapters

Discover a new way of living your comfort.

The IRSAP NOW Smart Valve is the ideal solution precisely because it follows your lifestyle habits. In addition, it helps you save energy and control your consumption through the IRSAP NOW App.

Check every single room

Customize the warmth of the different rooms of the house according to your needs.

Wizard configuration

With the help of our installation guidesyou will be able to configure your system independently, quickly and easily.

Smart planning

Set the room temperature according to your weekly, daily and hourly habits.

Manual lock

The IRSAP NOW Smart Valves are designed for the safety of the little ones in the house.

Open window detection

The valves are able to detect when a window is open and temporarily and locally suspend the heating.

You are immediately ready to go.

Connect the Connection Unit to your router and start your experience.

Each room has its own temperature.

Install a Smart Valve for each radiator in your home and set your comfort scenarios from your smartphone: you decide which rooms to heat and when.

Color for your warmth.

The Smart Valves are available in different colours, to perfectly match your radiator and the style of your home.

Everything under control at a glance.

IRSAP NOW Smart Valves can also be controlled manually, by turning the valve shell to change the room temperature: the light ring will change color based on the set temperature.

NOW, heat gets smart.

DIY installation

IRSAP NOW Smart Valves are compatible with the main valve manufacturers and can be easily installed in complete autonomy. With the help of our installation guides you can install your valves yourself.

Open window detection

The Smart Valve is equipped with sensors that can detect if a window is open. If this happens, the valve deactivates the radiator on which it is installed for a pre-established period of time, thus containing energy consumption.

Advanced algorithms

Our valves are truly intelligent: the regulation algorithms developed by IRSAP in its laboratories are the result of over 50 years of experience in the construction of radiators and are able to learn from your habits and help you save energy.

Manual lock

IRSAP cares about the safety of the little ones at home. For this you can block the Smart Valves via the App, avoiding any manual modification.

Frost protection

Are you away from home for long periods? Choose the Holiday Mode: the Smart Valves will set themselves to the antifreeze temperature, avoiding unpleasant surprises on your return.

Notifications in App

You always have everything under control. In the event of anomalies or if the batteries of your Smart Valves are flat, the system notifies you with a notification on your smartphone.

Immediate savings

By installing the IRSAP NOW Smart Valves on your radiators, you can immediately decide how much to use the radiators and save.

“Hey Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees”

The IRSAP NOW connected thermostat is compatible with the main voice assistants such as Google Home and Alexa: find out how simple it is to change the setting of your system using your voice

Discover a new way of living your comfort.

Thermostatic valve

If your valve is M30x1.5 with thermostatizability, you can independently install your IRSAP NOW Smart Valve by following the tutorial on the App. If necessary, use one of the adapters included in the package.

Manual valve

If the valve of your radiators is manual, the Smart Valve is not compatible. To install the Smart Valve, you need to replace your manual valve with a thermostatic one.


The IRSAP NOW smart thermostat valve kit is ideal to start experiencing home comfort with smart heating.With IRSAP NOW Smart Valves you control the temperature from wherever and whenever you want via smartphone. Our wireless thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands and leading hydraulic valve manufacturers. The Connection Unit is connected to your home router and is indispensable for controlling Smart Valves wherever and whenever you want directly from your smartphone.



Prices include VAT and delivery except AB, IV, KW, PA, PH, BT, HS & ZE. Mainland UK Only.

Delivery is 3 working days approx. if stock is available.


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