Aeon Designer Radiators


Introduction to the world of Aeon Designer Radiators: Steamy new look…
Aeon are the pioneers and suppliers of the sculptural radiators since 2002 that have now launched its latest engineering works of art.
Collection of stylish, sculptural, stainless steel designer radiators.
“Aeon products take a major step into the designer radiator market with a number of emphatic sculptural and design statements.”
“ Aeon recognizes the current demand for even the most utilitarian products to be stylish as well as functional”
Quality and performance are not compromised in the Aeon Range, in which all the products are manufactured 100% stainless steel (304 grade) – ensuring that over 450 model / style / size variation in the product range will keep their good looks for …. well ….aeons.
“ Confirming its place at the forefront and taking radiators to a new design heaven, you won’t help but impressed and absorbed in their beauty”
Already renowned for quality and innovative design, products ranging from the ultimate feminine statements, the Madonna to classic and stylish pieces combining outstanding engineering and beautiful designs whilst heating a space effectively.
We proudly announce to launch of our new range of radiators, manufactured by our in-house trained highly skilled craftsmen, welders, polishers, finishers whom take pride from their work; they have been precision made to the highest specifications to demand the attention of any contemporary space.

Why Stainless Steel?
There are quite a large selection of materials used to manufacture radiators nowadays, these materials are as follows
painted or plated (usually chrome plated) mild steel radiators
Aluminium radiators
Brass radiators
Cast iron radiators
Ceramic radiators
Natural stone – granite, marble, limestone radiators
Glass radiators
Radiators made of composite materials (mixture of above materials)
Stainless steel radiators

Aeon are the pioneers and international market leaders in manufacturing and supplying stainless steel radiators. There are rather large ranges of stainless steel materials all with different elements like chrome, nickel, titanium in different proportions. We only use 304 grades where the metal is in contact with water (wet surfaces), for some of the accessories, brackets and dry surfaces we use 430 grades.

Stainless Steel is one of the most expensive grade stainless materials available in the market due to high content of chrome and nickel in the content. Here are the advantages of the stainless steel radiators
no risk of corrosion
high level of visual effect and quality of the material
high level of durability and strength of material
no risk of peeling, flaking, discoloration or other surface quality problems
welded joints are as strong as the main body, due to the TIG welding technology and testing and screening.
it is not just the strength of the welding joints, it is also the visual quality of the joints.
easy to maintain, any minor scratches, dirt, prints, marks of usage that effects the appearance of the product can be eliminated using the Aeon Care Pack. You can bring back the original surface quality of the product (only brushed matt models) by using the pack. In short you will have a guaranteed 20 years of good looking, leak free radiator.
Touching and feeling the stainless steel product gives you positive energy – makes you feel good.
you can use with any heating systems, closed circuit or open heating systems
it is always fashionable and contemporary.

The AEON Designer Radiators range consists of :

Stainless Steel, Natural Stone, and Aluminium Designer Radiators :
Abacus | Alein | Arat E | Arat L | Bamboo | Bolero | Bombe | Lurve | Virtu | Dalya E | Dalya L | Ecstacy | Elixir | Fluent | Grandeur | Imza | Kare E | Kare L | Labren | Lokum |Lunar | Madonna | Marbella | Marion | Maze | Meridien | Mystic | Ottoman | Planet Moon | Panacea | Panacea Mirror | Pegasus | Porte | Rende | Sesriem | Smyrna | Sofi | SpeiraStanza | Stargate | Stria | Sumela | Supra S | Supra D | Supra T | Tardis | Truva | Twister | Venetian | Visage | Wave H | Wave V

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London Designer Radiators

London Designer Radiators

Hot Interiors Ltd are a established and well respected company offering homes and businesses in London a massive range of designer radiators and heated towel rails. We have over 150 designer radiators in our premier showroom. 

A designer radiator is a great way to update your decor with the benefit of a radiator. Our range of designer radiators uk come in a great range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. We have design radiators to suit every style.

We are the one stop shop for all of your room warming needs, boasting an enormous range of amazing radiators delivered direct to your door from an excellent, hand picked selection of premier brands.

Our radiators are not only a great feature but also practical. We’ve also got a range of stylish valves to finish the look of your radiator.

We have over 150 Designer Radiators on display including a working Aeon Ottoman and Aeon Bamboo Corner Stylish Radiator.

Why not make a day out in Leeds. We are 10 minutes from the new Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre and Leeds Victoria Quarter.  

We have many customer travelling as far from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Rochdale, Solihull, Doncaster, Birmingham, Sheffield, Derby, Preston, Chester, York, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. We have even had a customer from France who was delighted at the range of Designer Radiators on display.

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MHS Tratto Designer Radiator

MHS Tratto Designer Radiator

MHS Radiators has added the modern and elegant Tratto to its collection of radiators and towel rails.

This graceful and flowing heat emitter makes an immediate and striking impression, thanks to its vibrant and fluid three-dimensional design. Utilising seductive curves and stunning optional LED side strips, the Tratto creates a warming halo effect, becoming the centrepiece of a modern bathroom.

Made from steel, not only is Tratto an artistic focal point for a room, its unique angular structure also provides a functional shelf for towels. The radiator offers outputs up to 887 Watts, can operate up to 4-bar and is finished in a variety of classic and special colours.

The radiator also has a transparent towel holder, which can be installed at three different heights, while its valve connections are cleverly hidden from view.

There are two sizes available in the Tratto range, measuring 1,200mm x 450mm and 1,600mm x 450mm respectively. Each model is available with or without the LED side strips, as well as in an electric option. All Tratto radiators are supplied with a five-year guarantee as standard.

For further details on the MHS Tratto Radiator please CLICK HERE.


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Reina Adora Towel Rail

Reina Adora Designer Towel Rail

The Reina Adora Stainless Steel Radiator is art.

The Reina Adora is a quality stainless steel towel rail which has a polished finish.

The Reina Adora Towel Rail is open from one end and allows for the easy placement of towels.

The hanging bars are round tubes which blend into square vertical bars - this has a unique look.

The Reina Adora Designer Towel Rail manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel and has a manufacturers 25 year warranty.

You can finish this look by matching it with Cube Chrome Manual Valves as shown below.

The Reina Adora is available in a Central Heating, Dual Fuel or Electric Only version.

To purchase this stylish towel rail please click here.


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Bisque Quill Radiator

Bisque Quill Designer Radiator

Introducing the latest radiator from the company that was awarded the Cool Brand award for 2013/2014, a streamlined towel rail is worth writing about.

Founded 35 years ago Bisque’s passion for beautiful, high quality radiators remains undimmed

Made of highly polished stainless steel its gleaming tubes soar to elegant tips and the looping rails allows plenty space for towel.

This is available in Heights of 1500mm and 1800mm and 3 width variations.

The Bisque Quill Towel Rail is made from quality polished stainless steel.

We have the Bisque Quill Towel Radiator on display at our Bisque Premier showroom.

To see further details or to purchase the Bisque Quill please click here.



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