NOW Smart Thermostat

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NOW Smart Thermostat

The IRSAP NOW intelligent thermostat allows you to set and precisely measure the temperature of the room in which it is installed. Thanks to its advanced functions, it also allows you to control the degree of humidity and the quality of the air.

*To use the Smart Thermostat you need to have at least one Connection Unit and download the free app.


Discover a new way of living your comfort.

The IRSAP NOW smart thermostat is the ideal solution because it follows your lifestyle habits. In addition, it helps you save energy and control your consumption through the IRSAP NOW App.

Two ways to install

You can install the smart thermostat on the wall or place it in the room of your choice.

Manual control

Press the side buttons and change the thermostat setting with just a few gestures.

Air quality

You can check the degree of humidity and the air quality of the environment in which it is installed.

Local temperature

Through the LED matrix display you can view the temperature of the environment in which it is installed.

Wireless communication

Check your thermostat where and when you want with the IRSAP NOW App.


Including in the package

  • 1x IRSAP NOW smart thermostat
  • 2x AA batteries
  • 1x Wall Plaque
  • 2x Wall Mount Screws
  • 2x Wall plugs

Can be placed on the wall or wherever you want.

Our wireless thermostat can be wall-connected via relay to your boiler or heat pump in place of your old thermostat or placed anywhere in the house.


Air quality under control.

Keep the air quality (CO2, Carbon Monoxide, Ethanol, Toluene, etc.) in your home under control with our wireless thermostat


Manage the wifi thermostat from your smartphone!

With IRSAP NOW you can control the chronothermostat with the dedicated app wherever and whenever you want and you can access every room in the house to change the setpoint.


NOW, heat gets smart.

Everything under control

With the IRSAP NOW App you can control your thermostat remotely via wifi via the Connection Unit wherever and whenever you want. In addition, thanks to the touch controls on the thermostat, you can manage the temperature of the other rooms connected to the system with just a few gestures.

Check the air quality

Not just heating: with the smart thermostat you can control the degree of humidity and check the air quality of the room in which it is located.

Advanced algorithms

Our Thermostat is really smart: advanced algorithms can learn from your habits and help you save energy.

DIY installation

The IRSAP NOW smart thermostat is compatible with all boiler and heat pump models with relays. With the help of our installation guides you will be able to install your thermostat yourself.

Automatic updates

Your smart thermostat is always connected and updates automatically with each new software version.

Notifications in App

You always have everything under control: in the event of anomalies, or if the batteries of your Smart Thermostat are flat, the system warns you with a notification on your smartphone.

“Hey Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees”

The IRSAP NOW connected thermostat is compatible with the main voice assistants such as  Google Home and Alexa: find out how simple it is to change the setting of your system using your voice

Replace your traditional thermostat with our Smart Thermostat with advanced functions for precise room temperature control, and air quality monitoring (checking levels of humidity,


Prices include VAT and delivery except AB, IV, KW, PA, PH, BT, HS & ZE. Mainland UK Only.

Delivery is 3 working days approx. if stock is available.


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