NOW Connection Unit & Repeater

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NOW Connection Unit & Repeater

Discover a new way of living your comfort.

The IRSAP NOW smart thermostat is the ideal solution because it follows your lifestyle habits. In addition, it helps you save energy and control your consumption through the IRSAP NOW App.

Improved signal coverage

The IRSAP NOW Connection Unit in Repeater mode helps you improve communication between all the devices of the IRSAP NOW System, especially in large-sized homes.

Automatic device routing

The Connection Unit in Repeater mode collects the commands from the Connection Unit and redirects them to the other devices of the IRSAP NOW System.

Smart configuration

To configure the IRSAP NOW Connection Unit in Repeater mode, simply connect the device to the power supply and associate it via the App.

Connect, Pair and Get Started

It takes 2 simple steps to set up Repeater mode: connect power, follow the registration tutorial on the App and you're good to go.

Multi Firmware Compatibility.

The Connection Unit&Repeater has been designed to have two functions:

1. In Connection Unit mode , it functions as the control HUB of the IRSAP NOW System.

2. In Repeater mode , it extends the signal coverage to the other devices of your existing IRSAP NOW System. *maximum 5 Repeaters connected to 1 Connection Unit

MultiPath Radiofrequency Protocol

Through the Repeater, each device chooses the best path to maximize communication efficiency, according to its position and distance from the Connection Unit.


Add a Connection Unit and extend your signal by configuring it in Repeater mode


NOW, heat gets smart.


The device can function as a HUB of the IRSAP NOW system or in Repeater mode.

LED indicator

To monitor the working status.

Integrated antenna

Optimize signal range.

Automatic routing

The Connection unit in Repeater mode automatically manages the communication with the devices.

Automatic updates

The software of the Connection Unit&Repeater updates automatically.

Up to 5 Repeaters

Very big house? You can install and connect up to 5 Repeaters to the same network.

Wide coverage

The Repeater extends the radio signal of the Connection Unit up to 10m.

Smart association

Intelligent connection of devices.

Minimal design

Thanks to its compact and minimal style, the Connection Unit adapts to the style of any home.

Easy installation

With the help of our installation guides you will be able to install your Connection Unit in the desired mode (Connection Unit or Repeater) in complete autonomy.



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