This product is made to order. Contact us to order.

..Heritage (NEW) Multicolumn ** 50% OFF ** TRADE

This product is made to order. Contact us to order.

Heritage (NEW) Multicolumn Radiator ** AMAZING 50% OFF - TRADE DISCOUNT **


The Heritage (New( Multi Column range is incredibly versatile with literally hundreds of possible sizes, in a choice of mounting options and any one of over 200 colours.

Most RAL colours available (Gloss finish)

Special Finishes also available -

Matt - White, Sienna Brown, Anthracite & Black

Textured - White, Ivory, Stone & Black Matt

Mottled - Silver, Copper, Bronze & White Gold

Sparkle/Metallic - Pearl White, Quartz, Sand, Sahara, Petra, Sunstone, Bronze, Ancient Bronze, Satinato, RAL 9006 White Aluminium, Pearl Grey, Platinum, Metallic Grey, Grey Sparkle, Titanium Grey, RAL 9007 Grey Aluminium, Gun Metal Grey, Azurite, Black Sparkle & Quartz Grey

Bare Metal with a clear lacquer finish (now also less 50% on this finish)

Samples are available on request (Please email with samples required - maximum 6 with address and a daytime telephone number)

We can do the Heritage in the above special finishes and 180 RAL colours. They are unable to supply these as Matt finishes. 

The radiators are powder coated (180 RAL colour) when they are painted.

Standard Colour - RAL 9016 (Traffic White)

Country of origin - Italy




Bare Metal with a clear lacquer finish (now also less 50% on this finish)

• All prices and outputs are given per section.

• Price per section includes plugs, bushes and air vent.

• Please specify with cast feet or with welded feet or with wall brackets when you place your order.

How to order:

  • All prices and outputs are given per section in the tables listed

  • Price per section includes wall brackets as standard, plugs, bushes and diverter. Alternative mounting options must be selected separately, these will include the air vent and appropriate number of wall ties.

  • Please specify your finish at time of order

  1. Work out the required output for your room; To find the output you require for each radiator first work out the heat output for your room. If you have a large room, divide this number by the total number of radiators you need in the room. e.g. a lounge 16’ x 20’ x 8’ ceilings = a volume of 2560 x 6 = 15,360 BTUs. Two radiators would be required which =
    7680 BTUs each. Your installer will also be able to help you decide this, if required. We also list the outputs in Watts.

  2. Choose the number of Columns

    Heritage radiators are available in a choice of five column depths; 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 columns. More columns equals greater depth, bigger water content and therefore a higher output, however choice is generally down to aesthetics.

  3. Choose a Height

    All of the column depths are available in a range of 25 heights. Decide on a section height that matches the size you require, allowing an additional 100mm for cast feet or 97mm for welded feet.

  4. Calculate the number of sections you require

    Listed next to each section height under ‘BTUs/Watts’ will be the output each section gives. Divide your required output by this number to find the total number of sections needed to match the output; e.g. if you have chosen a 3 column 602mm high then 7680 BTUs divided by 205 BTUs per section = 38 sections.

  5. Size the finished product & double check

    Each section regardless of how many columns it has is 45mm wide, therefore a 38 section radiator will equal 38 x 45mm = 1710mm wide, plus 26mm bushes plus valves. If this is too wide then either increase the height of each section or choose a section with more columns.
    For example; 3 column 752mm high = 7680 BTUs divided by 252 BTUs per section = 31 sections = 1395mm wide.

    or 4 column 602mm high = 7680 BTUs divided by 270 BTUs per section = 29 sections = 1305mm wide.

  6. Choose the mounting option

    Included in your radiator price you have standard wall brackets. The correct number of brackets and wall ties will be supplied with each order; prices for extra wall brackets and wall ties are available on request, please call 0113 244 9444

    Alternative Floor Mountings options are also available;

    • Cast feet give the finished radiator a traditional look • Welded feet will give you a more contemporary feel • Select required option and add to section price.

Note: Bare Metal Lacquer Heritage radiators are only available to be mounted with universal wall brackets or welded feet

Help & Advice;

Sizes can be achieved by combining column depth, height and number of sections to achieve desired output. Heritage sections are 45mm wide, therefore the total radiator length is;

“no. of Sections x 45mm + 26mm for bushes + valves”

(Note due to manufacturing tolerances widths may vary by +/- 2mm).

When considering the height of your radiator remember that your mounting option will affect the overall height of your radiator.

Heritage radiators are supplied factory assembled up to a maximum of 40 sections. For radiators outside these parameters please consult Customer Services to discuss your requirements.

All Heritage’s come supplied as a finished radiator with 1⁄2" B.O.E. (Bottom Opposite End) connections as standard.

Multi columns are all made to order and come factory assembled up to a maximum of 40 sections or 100kg in weight.

For radiators outside these parameters please contact us on 0113 2449444 for advice and confirmation of extra charges, if required.

Multi columns are supplied with B.O.E. (Bottom Opposite End) connections as standard, other connections are available on request.

5 – Choose the mounting option

Your Multi column can be supplied in one of three mounting options, either with Welded Feet, with Cast Feet or with Wall Brackets.

Please note the provided wall ties and stud wall brackets differs from the images shown on the pdf relating to the technical details & prices. The quantities supplied will also vary.

• Cast feet give the finished radiator a traditional
• Welded feet will give you a more contemporary feel
• With Wall brackets you have the freedom to position your Multi column at any height
• Select required option and add to section price.

Please note the that discount is 50%  as long as the radiator price after discount is more that £350.00 (including VAT excluding delivery), otherwise the discount is less 35%.

Manufacturers Guarantee - 10 years - In accordance with Part L1 2006 of the Building Regulations and BS7593:1992 code of practice for the treatment of hot water and central heating systems, we strongly recommend flushing the heating system post installation of new radiators and then adding the correct quantity and type of inhibitor for use with your radiator and system to prevent corrosion. Damage caused to systems not protected by a suitable inhibitor will not be covered by manufacturer’s guarantee. No additional charges e.g. plumbers costs will be paid


Bare Metal with a clear lacquer finish (less 50% on this finish)




 Heritage Installation Details - CLICK HERE 






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