This product is made to order. Contact us to order.

Heritage (Curved) ** TRADE PRICES **

This product is made to order. Contact us to order.

The process for specifying your curved Heritage is very simple, however it is important to be accurate with any dimensions to ensure your radiator is built correctly – there will be opportunity to double check all figures against technical drawings before finalising the order.

Please follow the 6 simple steps below and when you have completed them send us your design form via email, fax or post (details below). Once we have all your details we will prepare technical drawings and a quote for you to check and approve. Once approved, in writing, we will confirm your order and start production of your radiator. Your radiator will then be delivered direct to site in 7 weeks approx. from order confirmation.

Step 1. Work out the BTU output required to heat your room.  To do this you will need to have details to hand of the room height, width and depth, as well as the type of window glazing (single or double). 


Step 2. Work out the size of radiator needed to deliver the correct output for your room.  You only need to tell us the size of the straight radiator you require we will work out the bending and profile. Your straight radiator plus valves (allow an extra 80-120mm on your width) must be at least 100mm shorter than the width of your bay (known as the Chord). Please note you may require more than one radiator to heat your room.




When making curved radiators we can use 2, 3 or 4 column sections, in heights of 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm or 750mm with welded feet as standard (height is increased by 100mm with welded feet).


Step 3. Measure your Internal Curves.


Please consider the height of your window sill when choosing your section, allow at least 40mm gap between the sill and the top of your radiator, this will not only be more aesthetic but assist with air circulation and heat distribution.
Valves will be required and they add approximately 100mm - 140mm to the overall width of a radiator.


A. Measure the width of the bay (this is called the Chord, Dimension A shown above)
B. From the centre of the bay measure the distance to the skirting board if present (known as the camber, dimension B shown above)

Please note

In order to calculate the radius of the radiator we assume a distance of 45mm between the wall and the back of the radiator. In addition to curve a radiator the internal radius must be a minimum of 1000mm for 2 and 3 column radiators and 1300mm for 4 column radiators. We will contact you if there are any issues in achieving the correct curve for your dimensions.


Step 4. Complete the design form (at the end of this document) with your measurements, outputs and radiator sizes. Email fax or post the form to us, remember to keep a copy for your records.


Phone: 0113 244 944 

Fax: 0113 241 6868

Post: Hot Interiors Ltd, 68 North Street, Leeds LS2 7PN


Step 5; We will review your details and prepare technical drawings of your radiators, which we will send to you for you to check and approve – please ensure your contact details are on the form in case we need to call you to discuss the details of your radiator

Step 6; Review and approve your drawings (or comment as required), return a signed copy for our records. Before confirming your order please consider the access available on your site, as we will deliver direct to you and need to ensure the radiator can be moved into the building without difficulty. Curved radiators need careful handling and should not be carried like a stretcher, radiators should always be carried in an upright position (as shown below - handling and fittings instructions will be supplied at a later date).
Once we have a signed copy of your technical drawing we will confirm our order and put your radiator into production.

Delivery to site:
In order to ensure your new radiator is delivered in perfect condition we will deliver direct to your site. To facilitate this please take note of the following conditions;

1. Radiators will be delivered on a pallet and should be left on this until required for installation.

2. Deliveries will be made to the nearest hard standing area, it is important that suitable assistance is available on site to help off load the delivery.  Delivery is kerbside.

3. Radiators should be moved under cover to protect from adverse weather conditions.

2 Column - Curved - (output per section)

3 Column - Curved - (output per section)

4 Column - Curved - (output per section)

BTU/Watts calculated at Delta 50.


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