Eskimo Gordon

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Eskimo Gordon Electric Towel Rail


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A vertical towel rail designed to warm and dry towels effectively and efficiently, challenging the conventional horizontal towel rail seen in every bathroom. Horizontal folded towels simply do not dry effectively. Gordon is designed to embrace the way that most of us already naturally hang or dry our towels. Plus it’s space saving, so great for smaller bathrooms and shower rooms.

With low power consumption, Eskimo’s flash drying towel warmer is designed for all year round use. Drying towels four times more quickly than a horizontal towel rail used in the conventional way so that, combined with a timer, it uses around a quarter of the power. Low running costs. Couple that with being made from Aluminium, you’ve a power efficient product that is 100% recyclable. Aluminium has high thermal conductivity and a low thermal mass. This gives a very rapid warm up time. Gordon reaches operating temperature in 1/3rd of the time of a standard towel rail. Gordon – flash drying towel warmer.

What’s the purpose of a towel warmer? Clues in the name probably, but that’s not the whole story. Unless you’re one of a dying breed who only ever use a towel once and then wash it immediately (costly both for you and the environment) then you need your towel warmer to be a towel dryer/warmer. Wet towels hanging about the bathroom (or worse still thrown over anything that provides a drying surface) are unpleasant and smelly. You want a towel dryer/warmer that can dry all of your towels in a flash, using as little energy as possible, in a pleasing aesthetic package. That’s the job description.

Gordon was born of a realisation that the standard towel warmer with horizontal bars didn’t work as designed. This was backed up by an extensive Eskimo test series which discovered that, despite the high energy consumption, the standard ladder towel warmer didn’t even effectively dry and warm towels overnight. This was our absolute lowest benchmark measure of acceptable product performance.

After more market research we then embarked on a second test series where we started hanging the towels vertically over the ends of the ladder towel rail to emulate how people use them. Whilst this only utilised a small part of the ladder rail, thus wasting the majority of its energy used, it did then become more effective at drying a couple of towels. People intuitively worked round the deficiencies of the design and turned into something that was more effective by using it in a different way than intended.

Next there’s the physics. Using only natural convection the speed with which a towel will dry is a function of temperature, airflow and humidity.

Country of origin - UK 

Temperature The maximum operating temperature has a limit imposed by what is safe and comfortable in a room where the user tends to be wearing little or nothing. The British and European Standards weren’t much use here as they allow a maximum surface temperature of 95ºC – genuinely dangerous in our opinion and worth noting that many products on the market operate towards this limit. In order to keep things safe we adopted the Low Surface Temperature standard used in public buildings such as hospitals of max 43ºC for an electric towel warmer without a towel on. Once you cover it with a towel this can be allowed to rise a bit because it’s much safer for the user in this state. We set ourselves a limit here of 56ºC – still much lower than most radiator temperatures of c.60-80ºC.

The Eskimo powder team have tried and tested paint finishes for your Gordon towel warmer and the winner is a textured, non slip, special powder finish. It’s very matt and aids the hanging and drying of your towels beautifully.

Your Gordon hanging brackets and fixing parts are very discrete. The front and the back of your Gordon is powder coated throughout in its colour finish. Please note that hanging bracket parts and fixing screws are not the same finish as your Gordon. They are stainless steel.

  • High end design at an affordable price
  • Technically innovative flash drying technology
  • Simple construction – not liquid filled like a normal towel rail- no leaks, no corrosion
  • Special anti-slip coating on Gordon has a high friction coefficient meaning that towels stay where you put them

GORDON – flash drying towel warmer, comes in two sizes:

Single – 1000mm H x 208mm W x 112mm D – weight is 6kg (Output - 200 Watts)
Double – 1000mm H x 472mm W x 112mm D – weight is 12kg (Output - 400 Watts)

And three colours as standard; Fine Textured White, Grey and Black. All in a flat matt, textured, not slip matt finish.

Additional Finish - Sandcastle (1 Week - Single) & (4 Weeks - Double)

Bronze Age & Smoking Gunmetal - Made to Order - Please allow 4 weeks approx

Single – 1 working week lead time approx.
Everything else is 4 working weeks approx.

Also available - in a fine textured matt RAL or colour match finish. Made to Order - 4 weeks approx.




BUY TWO - £50.00 OFF (CODE 50OFF)

BUY THREE - £100.00 OFF (CODE 100OFF)

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