Carisa Boreas Electric

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Carisa Electric Radiators

Carisa electric is everything you would expect from such a forward thinking design lead manufacturer. Electric heating is ideal, of course, in areas where there is no plumbing available but the new technologies used today make electric more desirable than ever in any space you require heating!

They are easy to fit, totally controllable, affordable and economical to run. What more do you need?

Carisa Hybrid Electric Radiators

Imagine your home adorned with Carisa hybrid smart Electric radiators. That is the ultimate control. Use them as traditional but high design radiators or bring them to life as an independently controlled electric radiator. Heat only the space you want 365/24/7.

“Electric central heating can offer truly amazing savings over traditional central heating.”

Electric central heating has many benefits over traditional forms of heating, and it’s all to do with the radiator technology. It’s come a long way since clunky storage heaters and 3-bar electric fires – our electric radiators are super-smart and offer several advantages when it comes to heating your home.