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Electric - Marble & Granite

This product is made to order. Contact us to order.

Our standard electrical marble & granite heaters are constructed from a single piece of natural stone. The back of a panel is grooved and fitted with a heating element - silicon coated resistant wire. Heating element is insulated for use in areas with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is also protected from damages by two easily accessible and replaceable temperature sensors.

Electric Stone Radiator – Scheme

Marble heaters connect to a standard electrical circuit. Due to the physical properties of natural stone marble heaters have the ability to retain the heat for longer and radiate it in all directions into the room. Connecting them to a regular room thermostat (which we recommend) will further reduce electricity consumption, as marble heaters will operate only to maintain the desired heating temperature i.e. around 10-15 minutes per hour.

Stone heaters are easy to install and can be positioned either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. They can be mounted onto any type of wall using durable brackets, which evenly spread the weight of the radiator for extra safety. Stone radiators can also be used free-stand by using specially made stone feet, and fitted with towel rails for use in bathrooms.

Using heat retention properties of natural stones dates back to the revolutionary home heating system of the ancient Romans (hypocaust heating system), constructed over 2000 years ago. Our innovative new technology harnesses this idea and develops it into an energy efficient way of heating your home.


With conventional heaters the warm air accumulates near the ceiling and circulates downwards resulting in energy losses as well as affecting the humidity of the room. Due to the particular molecular make up of marble the warm air is radiated directly and evenly into the surroundings. Over 75% of the heat is dissipated through the front panel and it's heat storage capabilities means saving of 50% more energy when compared to some traditional heaters. This not only provides a low cost heating alternative but also a highly effective and environmentally friendly one. There is no air and dust circulation and the humidity remains unaffected, allowing for a healthy indoor climate.

The phrase 'solid as a rock' comes to mind when explaining the quality of these heating elements, as they are extremely durable and resistant and therefore require virtually no maintenance. These numerous economical and physical benefits are contained in an aesthetically pleasing design bringing a touch of elegance into your home. The discreet decorative attributes, makes our radiator range compatible with most interior styles.


Marble Heating systems make use of long wave radiant heat. Radiant heat is known to be particularly pleasant, as it acts directly on the people and objects in a room without air and dust circulation. Humidity remains unaffected, allowing for a healthy indoor climate. Thus, allergy problems and breathing with dust, germs and pollen are greatly reduced allowing sensitive people, or people with allergies, to breath free- maybe for the first time!

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