Ottinetti Central Thermostatic

£139.00 £199.00

Ottinetti Central Thermostatic

The Ottinetti Central Thermostatic valve - This valve set compliments radiators which have 50mm centres only.

Finish - Chrome 

Manufacturers Guarantee 5 years

Country of Origin - Italy

The valve set is available as ANGLED (pipework from the wall) or STRAIGHT (pipework from the floor) pattern.

If you use a standard thermostatic valve this will protrude into the room but by using this valve it runs horizontally with the radiator and will compliment your radiator more so.

TRV valves - monitor the ambient room temperature with a built in thermostat. They usually have btween 4 to 6 set levels which you can select and the valve then opens and closes automatically to reach and maintain the desired level. If one room reaches the set temperature the radiator will effectively turn off while others continue to operate.

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